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In today’s i’ll show you a brand new method that you can use to generate income online by Generating English News Articles, you can make it work wherever you are in the world and also for absolutely free. i’ll Also give you two free tools that will help you save time.

Make Money Online Generating English News Articles
Make Money Online Generating English News Articles

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Selling Your English News Articles Website

Let’s start with this Tutorial, so I can show you everything and since i’m going to give you some multiple platforms, make sure to stay until the end, so you won’t get lost or confused. So i’m going to give you some freelancing websites, first of all, like, and also freelancer. com

1. freelancer. com

i’m going to explain you first what this platform are. So, as you may know, freelancing websites are a platform where people come to work as a freelancer by providing different Services or to hire freelancers, so to do some services for them.

So you’re going to see over here that you can find the best freelancers to deliver. Your projects, but first of all, you need to create an account for absolutely free, and for that you need to click on the sign up button here and then in the next page. You need to select.

I want to work as a freelancer, so after that you can sign up with your facebook account or sign up manually with your email address And then you’re going to put some information. Like your first name last name, your experience and solidness support, then you’re going to just to create an account, even in the other three lasting platforms. You can of course choose the one that you want.


So i’m here at people per hour and you’re going to see that people from all around the world are getting a lot of money and getting paid a lot of money actually by providing this service you’re going to see the first person on peaplehour website that has managed to Make more than 2 000 of sales 2600 of sales and is charging $15. So if you make a calculation you’re going to see that this person has managed to make more than 40 thousands of dollars by just writing, some unique articles with just 500 word words.

So you’re going to do the same thing actually, but you are not going to write those articles by yourself, i’m going to show you two free tools that are going to help you to get some unique articles, so you can make money here this Freelancing websites. So there are people here that are making even more money. It depends on how much money they are charging, of course, and you’re going to see that all of these people has managed to get more than one thousands of sales.


So it has a lot of potential with this service and you’re going to do the same you’re going to post a gig. Here, writing articles and you’re going to get paid again again. So i’m even going to give you some Examples here on fiverr you’re, going to see all of these people getting paid again and again: they’re charging even more actually even 100, the dollars 65 and so on.

Then you’re going to see here this example and this person is charging just 45 dollars for 600 words. They even offer standard and premium one. As you can see it’s charged even more so people may go for the basic one or for the premium one.

It depends so it depends on The word count, as you can see, so even either way, this person is managed to make more than one thousands of reviews, because not sales, because not a lot of people who purchase something online leave a review. So it has a lot of potential once again and you can do you can post a gigs in all of these freelancing websites to maximize your results.

Free English News Articles Generator

So i’m going to give you those free tools that are going to help you in all of the hard work here.

They’re saving you time, of course, and this platform is called article generator. This is over at free tool to generate english news articles.


you’re going to see over here that you can put a keyword and then it’s going to generate free English News Articles for you, for example, if you want to write fitness and then you click on generate articles, it’s going to give you three free Articles here for that, you can use so in order to make money, but The thing is that you cannot use them in this form that they are right now, because you are going to face some copyright issues, you can post it.

You cannot give them to your customers because, of course, you’re going to get them for copyright issues, and the thing is that you can do. Actually. I have two methods for you, one that is free and one that is not free.

I’m going to start with the one: that’s not free, so here an English News Articles generator you’re, going to see That they also offer of a pricing plan. So you can pay like four pounds. Monthly and you’re going to get the general unique articles are going to generate some unique articles that only you can use them.

So it’s very cheap actually to pay like five dollars where you can charge a lot more money like $45 dollars per just one article and then those five dollars from this 45. You can reinvest them here on article generator, so you can get an article Related to the topic that your customer is going to ask you and are going to give you a unique article that you can send them back so you’re going to see that you’re not Going to pay a lot of money, it’s a huge return on your investment and it is a great strategy. Actually, but of course, maybe you don’t want to invest any money at all.


You want to start with a free one, free strategy, and you can go over To quillbot. com, as you can see over here. Quillbot is on software that helps you to paraphrase an article or text and so on.

So you can put a paragraph here and they are going to give you the paragraph rewritten for you. In other words, so you can get a unique article and you won’t get banned for copyright issues, because this is a brand new one. So you can just copy the full text here.

You can get it paragraph by paragraph and then you can save it as a microsoft. Word document, if You want to it by creating it like this, a new article, so you’re going to spend a little time on this because you’re going to get the article paragraph by paragraph uh quilbot is going to paraphrase it for you and then you’re going to Just uh join all of the parts of the English News Articles and then you can deliver it back to your customers.

so you can start with the free method. If you want once once you start Making some money, you can invest just like five dollars in the monthly plan that article generator offers for you and then you’re going to get a lot of articles that are unique.

So you don’t need to use quillbot for that and you’re going to give them back to your customers here on fiverr or even peoplehour or So it depends on you on which freelancing websites you want to can also make money be selling other stuff on tiktok. you can read from this make money from tiktok article.

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