10 Best Android Apps for 2022

We selected these Best Android Apps on the basic of their usage functionality and, most importantly, because they were new. and guys in today’s post. We’re going to show you our favorite 10 apps, which we really like this year and also, if you’re new to our blogs, then don’t forget to subscribe to us for more post related to the best and new apps of the month from PlayStore. So without any further ado, let’s begin our today’s post and, as usual, we’re going to show you the apps in random order.

10 Best Android Apps for 2022

  1. MediaBar


So the first step we have in our list is the media bar media bar converts. Your system status bar as media playback controller and progress indicator, so once you enable the app you can see a progress bar on the top of your screen for the media you’re playing on your Phone. This could be either a video or a song through any app.

For example, if I play a song using amazon music, you can see the media bar on the top. You can also control the playback with shortcuts, which you can set in the app. So a single tap will allow you to pause and play music, and here we have set the double tap to go to the next song and long press to go back to the previous song, and personally, I find these playback controls very good.

Overall, media bar is A unique and a very useful app which you should download on your phone right away.

Download MediaBar

  1. RetroPod


The next tab we have in our list is the pod retropod will bring back the old memories when the ipods were in trend. With this app, you get the ipod style layout and you can play the music on your device sorted by artist, album and all the songs.

The click wheel works just how it was on the ipod, and you also get this haptic feedback. While scrolling, you Can adjust the volume with the click wheel or shuffle songs, you can also fast forward the song or see the album art with the middle button. The layout of the app is simple, yet it looks amazing on the phone, especially with the amoled screen.

Overall retropod app is my favorite music app this year and it feels like i’m using a giant ipod.

Download Retropod

  1. Anything to pip

Anything to PiP

The next app we have in our list is the anything to pip, as the name suggests, This app will allow you to show any pick or video on your smartphone in picture mode. For example, you can select the photo or a video from the app and it will show in the pip mode on the home screen.

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You can select the photos, gifs and videos from the app. I find this app useful, as I can see a photo of my family or pet in pip mode.

Download Anything to pip

  1. Qlate


The next tab we have in our list is the Qlate.

Qlate is a combination of a calculator and notepad. It’s a dynamic Calculator app which is more powerful than a simple calculator and more intuitive than an excel cheat. So in the app you can store your daily or monthly expenses, then it will auto calculate on the basis of the data.

For example, you can add your daily expenses here and then add expenses as a category. Now, whenever you write expenses, it will take the items which you have defined earlier on the right side of the sheet. You can see the calculator in real time.

Apart From the calculations, you can also add comments, use, math functions such as send cos and so on. Overall, this app is a unique combination of a notepad and calculator which works perfectly, and I really find this app useful.

Download Qlate

  1. Themed Icon

Themed Icons

The next tab we have in our list is the themed icons.

Themed icons allows you to create shortcuts of the app that will adapt to your wallpaper, just like in the android 12. . The app is mainly bringing the feature which we have seen in the Android 12, and with this you get this feature on any android phone.

Even the icons which you see right now are through this app only so basically, you can use any icon pack and then use the option in the app to give them the look and feel of your choice and then add them to your home page. Usually it shows the icon shortcut, but you can use any png to hide it overall. If you’re into customizing then do check out this app.

Download Themed icons

  1. SkyTonight 


The next tab we have in our list is the SkyTonight. Sky tonight is a new astronomical app for exploring the sky. There are many apps like this, but this app offers a better user experience. So in the app you can move your finger to see the different sky objects and then zoom in to see more details. Apart from that, you can also search for sky objects and see the trending searches.

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You can also read about the sky objects as well, then, in the app you can see which sky Objects are visible tonight in your location and also the timing. There is also a calendar in the app which allows you to see the details about the important events. I really find this app pretty good, and you can also point your device at the sky to see the real-time positions.

Download SkyTonight

  1. LifeAR


the next app we have in our list is the life ar live ar is the app from teamviewer, and with this you can turn your regular Video calls in to see what I see call and it’s powered by augmented reality with this app. You can remotely assess people in your social circle or let them guide with the problem using AR.

for example, you can tell your grandparents where to connect that hdmi cable at the back of the tv and using the ar function, it’s really easy to guide and give Them step-by-step instructions, and also you can host up to 6 people in a call which is really good. Overall lifear is a wonderful ar video calling app from teamviewer.

Download LifeAR

  1. Niagara Launcher

Niagara Launcher

The next app we have in our list is the niagara launcher.

Niagara launcher gives your phone a whole new look and offers a minimalistic experience to help you form a healthy digital relationship with your phone. This is one of the best launcher I came across this year. This launcher is really simple: to use.

Just select the apps, which you want to be on your home page and that’s it now. You have the Access to your favorite apps here, giving you a cluttered free experience. You can also access other apps by simply scrolling either of the edges on the launcher and when you play the music, the music controls also show up automatically on the top in this launcher.

You can also hide unwanted apps from the settings giving you a clean and bloatware free experience. Overall, niagara launcher is very good and if you’re looking for a change this year, Then definitely check out this launcher.

Download Niagara Launcher

  1. Spren


The next app we have in our list is the sprint.

Spren is a smart notification manager for your phone in the app you can receive the important notification instantly while the rest are hidden safely. These notifications are hidden but neatly organized to go through at your convenience. So when you start the app you can choose the app for which you want the notifications, similarly, and also select the apps for which you want To hide the notifications.

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Now you can view these notifications later on, and you can also view the dismiss notifications in the app. So the main advantage of the app is that it will reduce the distraction by hiding unnecessary notifications. Apart from the app notifications, you can also block promotional notifications from shopping apps, like amazon, flipkart, etc, and guys you can also block.

The group chat notifications, which sometimes are very Annoying overall spread, is a wonderful notification manager which will help you to enjoy uninterrupted work without any distractions, so do check out this app.

Download Spren

  1. AutoPaste Keyboard

Auto Paste Keyboard

And the final app we have in our list is the auto paste keyboard, auto paste Keyboard is a free custom keyboard that will help you to fill templates text directly from the keyboard. For example, you can add your name address and phone number in the template in the keyboard App and now just switch the keyboard and tap on the item. You want to paste.

I’ve been using this app for mainly sending my channel link and also telling my friends to subscribe to my channel and, of course, when I want to annoy them, I can use the continuous paste option and spam the whatsapp chat so guys. This is not the end of the list. We also have a bonus app and it’s greedy screening will help you to make your home screen look good with various home Screen setups.

Download Autopaste Keyboard

There are other apps like this, but this app provides backup files with which you can apply the setup in just a few minutes about the app. The interface is really good, and it’s easy to understand, and here you have the featured home screen, setups and guys. The one you see right now is also from this app and all you need is a nova launcher, kwgt widget app and that’s it now.

You can download the backup file along with the wallpaper or in case if the backup File is not available, you have the details about the icon pack, widget, etc. Overall, if you’re looking for best home screen, setups then do check out screeny. So that’s it guys these were the best apps from the year 2021.

Let us know if you like them and also tell us your favorite new app of the month in the comment section below. So that’s all for now. If you like this video, then please press the like button And subscribe to our channel gadgetgig for more post like this.

Once again, this is anoth signing off and we wish you a very happy new year. 2022 .

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