How to Get Google Play Refund

Google Play Refund – Welcome back everyone i’ll show you exactly how to get google play refund on any android app for the most part, if you just purchased it within a 48 hour, now I think it’s more specifically two hours.

Step by Step TO Get Google Play Refund

If you want to go, do it on your phone itself, But if it’s been past two hours you may still be able to do it by contacting the developer and all that stuff. So let’s say you just download a app that you just had to pay, for you know any free app.

You can’t get a refund for because it’s free, but for the most part, if you just download an android app and it’s not functioning properly, whatever the case is what you can do here, is you can open up the play store? You can go ahead and Click on the three dots right here.

 google play refund
google play refunds

The three lines, you’ll see a bunch of different options, but you want to go ahead and click on your account option, which is right here and once you come here, you’ll see a little option called purchase history. Now you want to go scroll here and it’ll go ahead and show you exactly how much you spent in the last like month or so.

and if this matches up with how much you Spend on your purchases, then you’re set you’re on the right account. But if you scroll down you’ll, pretty much see the apps that you pretty much bought at that time.

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As you can see, I haven’t really bought any apps for the most part. So, that’s why all these say zero dollars, but there should be some apps if you just bought them. That should say you know.

one dollar, three dollars or whatever the case is What you want to do at that point. Is you want to go and click on the app and you want to go ahead and click view, and then you want to go and click these three dots up here and there should be some type of refund option if you just purchased it within, like I Said a two hour period.

then you should be able to go ahead and request a refund from the app itself right here now, if you’re not able to do That, if you’re not seeing it, then you will probably have to go to your computer and that’s why I have these specific things open up, so i’m going to go ahead and copy this link and paste it down in the description and it will go and show you exactly how to request a refund from your computer. So, as you can see, it’ll go ahead and say: follow these instructions.

If it’s been a 48 hour window, so you can go and click Request a refund. It’s going to go ahead and ask you to sign into your google account and once you do, that it’ll go ahead and allow you to select the specific apps that you want to go ahead and refund, and you can do it straight from your phone as well. I just realized, because you don’t even need a computer for it, so that’s another way to go about doing it.

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If you don’t see it from your google play store app, which is right here, You can use the link that I have linked down below click on the request to refund section log into your google account here and select the apps that you want to refund and Again, like I said it should be within a 48-hour window if it’s past that 48-hour window, if it’s like weeks and weeks or years later,.

you’re going to have to contact the developer in order to actually get a google play refund that way, so That’s really pretty much it. If you guys have any other questions or anything, let me know in the comment section below hit the like button on me so much, but definitely hit that subscribe button, every single subscriber that we get really discount. So me so much if you guys could hit that.

Also check out the other links down in the description as well, my twitter, my instagram, my other channels. More importantly, everything else. I love Every single one of you, guys, hopefully i’ll catch you guys in the next video peace out till then you .

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