Google TV Games – Tvision Hub Cloud Gaming Review

What’s up cloud gamers welcome to the cloud gaming extreme channel, so in today’s post, we’re gon na be reviewing the t-mobile t-vision hub. This is a Google TV Games dongle.

Unboxing Google TV Games From Tvison Hub

Let’s get right into this, let’s start off with the unboxing, as you guys can see here. This is the box we’re going to open it up and again just see what we have in here. I’m going to use my handy dandy, secure blade, So we got that out of the way.

Google TV Games
Google TV Games

Now, let’s open the box and see what we have in here. Okay, so here we go, this is what it looks like straight off the bat. I have to say this thing is pretty pretty big, but again the cool thing about this here is, you can see, has an ethernet port.

You have a usb looks like charger right. There and then looks like a reset button And a dongle okay see what else is in the box. A little instruction kit here has a control, and I believe this is the power source.

TVision Hub unboxing

It’s pretty cool to say, come with a break these days, so you guys know not. A lot comes with electronics these days, so it’s pretty cool to see a power brick in the charger. This is something you probably don’t want to mess around with.

Tvision Hub Design

Let’s take a look at the control and, as you can see, that’s pretty much all this in the box. Let’s take a look at this, so this is what the control looks like man, pretty solid, netflix youtube uh t-mobile, google assistant. It looks like home Button back button guide.

Button, looks like tv paul button box button, that’s interesting, okay, cool! Does it come with batteries? No batteries, so you got ta install your own batteries all right. So, let’s take a look at the design here, as you can see, this is just round and again it’s a dongle like a showcase, the reset button. This is the power button and this is a Lan, so you can plug in your internet directly, which is awesome and again.

This is the hdmi dongle that just goes behind the tv, and this is the control. Now this is pretty big again. I’m gon na just bring the chromecast in here, so you guys can see what this looks like compared, but it’s a pretty beefy controller and, like you guys saw earlier it didn’t come with any batteries but yeah it has your t-mobile Tv, netflix youtube channel, smu volume Assistant home back guide record and some power buttons up here, all right.

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Compared to Chromecast W/Google Tv

So if I was to compare it to the google chromecast, you guys will see it’s actually pretty similar in size, it’s shorter than the chromecast Google TV Games, but when it comes to size, though, look out much skinnier. If there’s even a word That the google slim – I guess the google chromecast tv is compared to this, so this is a pretty beefy device here. So let’s compare it to the walmart on device, I would say when it comes to thickness.

This is pretty similar, but do you see it on the walmart on designs, as you can see pretty same size right and then you bring it here? You can see it’s a little Bit more thick than the walmart on so yeah. This is a pretty beefy device. Man uh it’s not as long but when it comes to being thick, it’s a pretty thick device.

But let’s compare the controllers again: chromecast, Google TV Games ultra to that you guys see how big that controller is compared to the Google TV Games controller. So, just to give you guys a look at how big this device is compared to the google tv. So when it comes to spec, this Is powered by an amlogic, s905y4 chipset and the feature is a 64-bit quad-core cpu and then arm mali, g31, mp2 gpu.

Now, making this stuff up guys, the device comes with 2 GB of ram and 8 GB of flash storage and also has support for 2×2 wi-fi 5 and bluetooth 5. 0. So this device supports av1 decoding and it also runs android 11 right out the box so good stuff.

Tvision Hub Specs

Overall, when it comes to specs, I know the Google TV Games chromecast is Actually running android 10 and I don’t think that supports av1 decoding so yeah. This should stream stuff a lot better all right, so I just want to showcase what the ui looks like on this device. Again, this is your normal google tv.

If you guys have used the google tv chromecast. This is similar right, nothing new again up here. You have your search, you have your for you, you have your live, you have your movies, your shows and your apps and again you can come here.

You can Search for apps and you can download apps, which is how I got most of this apps here and again for xbox game pass the cloud gaming you have to sideload this. We have a video showcasing. How you do that, if you guys were interested but yeah, just want to go to settings real, quick and show you guys what this device is running.

So if you come here, if you go to system, if you go to about, you should see t vision hub 2 And it’s running android. 11 again, the latest update was october, 5th, 2021. .

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So there you have it. You guys see. This is the latest running the latest android 11.

All right here we go so we got some destiny running on the google stadia platform, we’re just going to showcase a little vanguard. Show you guys what this looks like running on this platform.

Gate within remains active thanks to Aramis, destroying it loses us a vital link to the vet all right. So here we go. This is some destiny running on google stadium.

Again, if we open the menu button, we go to connections, as you guys can see. We have hdr and 4k on good stuff. Overall, this is definitely running smooth.

Definitely playable yeah destiny’s a lot of fun. I would highly recommend this game if you guys haven’t, played it yet and again, you’ve Seen it’s running quite smoothly. I don’t know what my fire team is doing.

Oh, no, I don’t know where we’re supposed to be going, but again just want to showcase this real, quick and show you guys that it actually does run and then runs pretty well on this platform, all right fellas. As you can see, this is xbox cloud gaming running on Here, so we’re gon na check out some halo infinite running on this platform. All right here we go so something that you notice right off.

The bat is that it’s pretty shoppy right um but yeah that the sound is what I mean by pretty sharpie. Let’s load up a game all right, so the sound is pretty shoppy and, as you can see graphically, it’s probably Not the best. Definitely not 4k.

But it’s still playable, so this spot right here, i’m in the buzz battle, which kind of is the worst place to demo this, but anyway, we’ll get right into it, just showcase it. It is where you will be broken, see what we can do all right here. We go whoa, wall’s, retracted, watch, your back.

He Could come from anywhere wow this guy’s in the tub. Oh no, I can’t escape oh yeah. You guys can see again.

Xbox Cloud Gaming

This is definitely playable, but as far as like the best performance, not the best all right fellas. So there you have it that is some xbox cloud gaming showcase for you guys now, let’s test out some g fist now and see how this runs on this Platform all right. So this is g fist now, so you guys have seen so sometimes when it showcase right.

So if you go to settings right and if you go to your tier here so normally you have some option settings you can go to stream quality. You know change the resolution and stuff like that with this device. You cannot do any of that, as you guys have seen right there, but let’s showcase the game.

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Like guardians of the galaxy running at this platform rocket. Well, you Got some timing, . So again, this is uh guardians of the galaxy, a little fight scene, for you guys and, like I was saying earlier, this is definitely 1080p, not 4k, but yeah it rents.

It runs pretty well for what you pay. It’s not the worst but yeah. This game is really fun every Time I put it on to demo.I just find myself spending a lot of time here.

Overall Impressions

So my final verdict should you get this device? I would say if you had a choice between this and the google tv chromecast, I would say, probably get the Google TV Games chromecast. The reason being pricing is a lot of the sales and promotions for the google tv chromecast right now, especially with the holidays in black friday that just passed, but I Saw this device going for about 30 something dollars compared to this 50 dollars.

Again, if you have the choice, I would probably recommend google tv chromecast, honestly speaking when it comes to performance, especially cloud gaming. I actually thought that the google tv chromecast ran some of these apps better than this t vision hub. I noticed with this device geforce now struggled a lot.

It kept kicking me off. It kept freezing as to Where I didn’t have that issue with the google tv chromecast. But if you guys are looking for the best performance, I would say: look at the nvidia shield tv when it comes to cloud gaming, i’m not talking about the shield tv pro, the normal one that is currently in sell for 150 dollars.

Again, I think performance wise. You definitely get a better experience using that to cloud game over this, but for this device, t-mobile was actually giving it out for free. I believe, if you Are a new customer, but you might want to check if you are an existing customer, if you do qualify to get this for free now, if you get this device for free, then I would highly recommend it.

I don’t think it’s worth the 50 dollars that they’re charging for it. But again, if you get this for free, then you can’t beat free right, but that’s my recommendation. Let me know what your thoughts in the comments below.

Do you guys own this device? Have you tried cloud gaming on This Google TV Games ? How was the performance for you guys all right, fellas appreciate you guys watching we’ll catch you guys in the next one until next time, peace out, you .

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