American Express Authorized User for Personal Credit Card

Today, We’re going to be talking about the american express authorized users for personal credit cards.

So what is that american express offers you the ability to add authorized users to your personal credit card? What this will do is, it will add them to your credit card, as well as reflect your credit card onto their credit report now granted these cards will be sent to you and not the person to which you add to your account. Therefore, you have the ability to intercept the card before they could receive the card and ensure that they wouldn’t have any access to spinning off the card.

Get American Express Authorized User

However, the intended purpose of american express authorized user cards, of course, is to be able to allow someone else to be able to utilize those credit lines in the sense of an emergency or case where you share funds, maybe with the spouse, for instance, They would be able to Spend off of that same card, and then they would also have access to paying back that same account.

Now, what are some of the pros of doing this um? One of the pros of doing this is this um opportunity with adding a authorized user will allow your family, member or friend, whomever you add it to your account to increase their credit Score, because you will be adding your account to their credit report. Any good credit history that you have reporting as well as good utilization in the case of credit cards or any other good credit data that you may have on your report from that particular account will be reported to their credit report. So you will be able to help them increase their score.

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Another pro, of course, is in the case of Maybe you have a spouse or children or another relative or potentially a close friend that you trust with having actual access to the authorized user card. You can in turn, allow them access to those funds on that account for ease of use, and it will allow you to build up your rewards and you can still gain your rewards points and cash back whenever they utilize that card. Another thing is: this will be a great opportunity for yourself, as well as your family, member, with building your relationship with american express, of course, having someone else to get american express authorized.

Add it to your account, if they’re utilizing, that card is going to allow you to utilize their transactions to build your relationship with american express, as well as you’ll, be able to build their relationship with american express by Adding them to your account and therefore setting them Up an account with american express and allowing them use of that account if necessary, for their credit situation.

Last but not least, of course, is whenever you add an authorized user you’re, offering that person a opportunity that they would not be able to get anywhere else in the sense of credit age. Now American express has been known to report credit age from the date that the authorized user was added, as well as to report credit age from the date that the card was opened, there’s no guarantee on which way they’re going to report the credit age.

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However, if someone does not want to open another primary account or potentially wants to add age to their credit report, They could do so by you adding them as an authorized user on their account and benefit benefit from having that authorized user status. So with that being said, as always, thank you all for reading my post. Thank you all for tuning in and we’ll see you in the next one don’t forget to like and share these post with everyone.

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