How to make money from tiktok Easy? Earn up to $3k per Month

In this Post I am going to reveal 12 affiliate programs for tiktoker, so make sure you read this entire post to learn How to make money from tiktok which affiliate program is right for you for the best tips and tricks to learn.

How to make money from tiktok
How to make money from tiktok

as we know, tiktok is extremely popular and it’s only growing in popularity every single day likes onlyfans, and so what i’ve done is i’ve actually put Together a list of 12 affiliate programs based by different niches that you could potentially start promoting and making some passive income.

Popular Niche on TikTok

Now, before I put this list together, I wouldn’t found the sixth largest niches over on tiktok.

  • Cooking/Baking
  • Art & Crafts
  • Relationships
  • Fashion
  • Fitness
  • Side Hustles

How to make money from tiktok

1. Amazon Affiliate Programs

For cooking and baking, I actually went over to amazon and the reason why I like amazon is there’s so many different things that you can promote. You can promote everything from stand mixers to crock pots, insta pots, there’s just a lot that you can promote. Now, what I recommend, when you’re promoting products over on amazon, find products are at Least $150 to become an affiliate for amazon.

How to make money from tiktok cooking niche
How to make money from tiktok cooking niche

Scroll all the way down to the bottom, and click on become an affiliate. Now, once you click on this and you go through the process, you will get a conditional or temporary approval. You will need to make three qualified sales within the specified time frame in order for you to gain full acceptance.

2. Clickbank Affiliate Program

Now, in the event that doesn’t happen, you can always reapply but Number one is amazon number two I jumped over to clickbank and I found different recipes now. There are recipe books that you can promote. For example, this keto recipe, cookbook you’ll, make $13.53 on average anytime someone clicks on your affiliate link and buys . In my opinion, one of the great ways to make money over on tiktok is to promote recipe books.

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So you show people how to cook something, and then you could promote a recipe book. You could even Create your own recipe book if you have the time, but promoting different recipe books could be a good way.

3. Williams Sonoma Affiliate Program

So william sonoma is a high-end. It sells pots and pans. It sells all sorts of different accessories, but if you’re looking for something that’s a little bit more expensive.

If your target audience has a a little bit more disposable income, william sonoma could Be a good opportunity. So that is number one number. Two is actually with arts and crafts, arts and crafts can be anything from basket weaving to teaching your kids.

4. Affiliate Program

How to draw there’s just a lot of opportunity and, in my opinion, one of the great ways to take advantage of that opportunity is with michael’s, they have all sorts of categories. now what you could do – and I recommend that You do, is you pick these different categories and you Create content within these categories, so this would be your niche.

For example, we could look at decor and you could simply create content about holiday, decor or flooring or outdoor whatever it is. You simply create a bunch of content and then you could refer people over to michael’s for their affiliate program.

5. Hobby lobby Affiliate Program

Another opportunity is with now some people don’t like hobby lobby for various reasons, but it’s still a good opportunity to make money. As you Can see in the website, it’s formulated or set up just like michaels, where they have different niches. Here you could go under art supplies and create all sorts of content showing people how to draw, and you could potentially make money. once again, you could use something like amazon as well.

6. Eharmony Affiliate Program

Number three for How to make money from tiktok is actually the relationship niche, the relationship niche. You could actually promote e-harmony ( ) and make passive income. This could be a great way To make money.

How to make money from tiktok relationships niche
How to make money from tiktok relationships niche

One of the biggest things that I see over on tikok are people talking about how to fall in love, or how to stay in love, or how to find a companion or mate, and this could be a good opportunity. Eharmony is in just about every major market across the globe. so it can be a good opportunity, as you can see here down at the bottom here.

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They actually have different niches as well. so, you could create content about senior Dating life, or christian dating, or black dating and potentially find your niche and make lots of money. If you don’t want to promote how to fall in love, you can actually promote how to stay in love. Now, if you look here certified relationship, coaching will pay you $74.68 anytime Someone clicks on your link and buys.

Below here women’s dating relationship, advice, $68.13. You can see there’s lots of opportunity once again, i’m over on Clickbank and what I did is I just searched relationship and I went through and found some of the best ones.

You could do this too. Now you could give advice on how to find a man, find a woman, find a companion and how to stay in love and recommend some of these different opportunities. But, as you can see, the relationship is very popular over on tiktok.

7. Affiliate Program

After relationship we have fashion. How to make money from tiktok using fashion niche? women love fashion, men love fashion. It’s a good opportunity As you Can see. One of the best affiliate programs is the shien affiliate program.

I actually did a complete walk, actually did a complete video about the shien affiliate program on one of my other youtube channels, maybe i’ll link it down below, but you can see. This is a good opportunity to make money. One way to make money are try on halls that seem to be pretty popular across the internet.You can do it on youtube. You can do it on tiktok as well.

8. Affiliate Program

How to make money from tiktok using shoes product
How to make money from tiktok using shoes product

Do certain try on hauls, you can do winter apparel. You can do summer apparel. If we’re in the winter, people are looking to plan their vacation and they’re going to need something to wear so sheen could be a good opportunity. You could also be an affiliate for amazon, but I also like the nike affiliate program.

As you can see here, this woman is trying to meditate around a lot of stuff going on. You could promote different products Within nike and make very good money. You could just promote to sneakerheads and make good money.

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You can promote just two women’s fashion. Kids, there’s a lot of opportunity. You put your links in the description and potentially make money after fashion, we have fitness fashion.

9. Under Armour Affiliate Program

How to make money from tiktok using fitness niche? Fitness can be entertained, but I i decided to separate them, and with this, we’re actually looking at under armour under armour, is a very good opportunity to make money make passive income. Once Again, you can do try on hauls. You can actually show the under armour apparel in action.

I do see a lot of males wearing under armour. Usually it’s the usa. These colors don’t run type of stuff over on tiktok, but under armour could be a great way to make passive income with tikTok and after under armour, we have gnc.

10. GNC Affiliate Program

As you know, offers different supplements helps you customize your meal plans. also a great Way to make passive income a lot of people doing yoga over on tiktok .doing different workouts, different individual workouts. So if you want to increase your biceps or if you want to increase your abs, do this workout type of stuff, you can recommend some supplements and potentially make money after fitness. this is another way How to make money from tiktok using fitness niche.

11. Side Hustle Affiliate Program

I included side hustles, one of the best side hustles, I think, or one of the the most talked about side hustles out.

There is how to create how To make money on youtube without showing your face, and this right here tube mastery monetization by matt parr is one of those out there. That can show people how to do that, and you can make two hundred dollars anytime. You refer someone to this affiliate program, but I also want to include click funnels because click funnels will help people start a side hustle.

12. Click Funnel Affiliate Program

There are tons of side hustle affiliate programs out there, but I think this one and as well as Click funnels one funnel away challenge, could be a good opportunity. There’s other programs out there, like legendary marketer. I think you could find a bunch of them too.

Also on clickbank, but I would stick with to mastery for people that want to start a youtube channel and also click funnels. If they want to start a business, it could be clothing, it could be jewelry, it could be digital products whatever. It is Now that you know 12 different affiliate programs for tiktok and How to make money from tiktok .

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