3 Tips to Get NFCU Credit Card Approved

NFCU Credit Card Approved – Today we’re talking about navy federal credit union, giving you guys some tips and advice to help with the credit card approval process. So if you’re concerned about the application process and your chances of getting NFCU Credit Card Approved when you apply for a credit card with navy federal, I got some advice and some stuff i’ll share with you here today.

That Really could be beneficial, especially if you’re, not even a member. Yet of navy, filler and you’re looking to sign up and become a member, now navy federal credit union, the one that everybody loves right because they’re the biggest credit union people love them more than lots of banks and things like that and because they do have some Pretty awesome products.

So they serve the army, marine corps, navy air force, coast guard space, force veterans and you can also be a civilian And still get in as well. Now, let’s go ahead and jump into this post we’re gon na go through some credit card approval tips to help you out, please the thumbs up button like the little icon.

Get NFCU Credit Card Approved Using This Tips

3 Tips to Get NFCU Credit Card Approved

I got down there in the bottom he’s given two thumbs up. I know other blogs only lets you give one so hey. I will take one thumbs up and I will appreciate it, but as we jump into this, let’s go to the first thing:

1. Build a Relationship

okay, so the first thing with NFCU Credit Card Approved is you want to do what you can to build a relationship before applying for a card? Now? I was a member with them for about a year and a half before I applied for my first credit card, and I signed up with them when I was in basic training.

Okay, if you’re going to the military active duty reserve guard whatever it is, you’re, probably going to wind up signing up with navy federal in basic training. Just it seems Like pretty much. Every branch does that so you’re gon na sign up with them and you’re gon na have your checking account you’re gon na.

Have your savings account um? If you’re, not military, you still, when you sign up and you’re able to join and become a member of the credit union um, you know you’re gon na set up a checking account set up a savings account, and that’s your you know your foundation for benefits. You’re gon na get down the road with navy federal, so Show you know, set those up put money in there and just show that you are being responsible with your money. Okay, you see down there at the bottom.

I have it in red, says: don’t overdraw your account all right, you don’t want to do that with them, especially early on. You. Do not want them to see that you’re having money issues, financial issues and you do not want them to think that you are irresponsible and you cannot handle money because Think about it.

If you were them, and you saw someone who had only had a checking and savings account with you and you saw they’re already having to overdraw and having financial trouble and then they come to you and say: hey i’d, like a credit card, I mean: what would You say to that person: you would probably tell that person, no you’re not going to get a credit card until you can show that you can actually just manage a checking and savings account so set up.

These accounts Be responsible with them. Make sure you keep money in there use them, so they see you’re, actually active you’re, an active member and you’re, taking advantage of having an account with them now.

One thing I do want to ask you guys is by the end of this. Tell me if I forget anything, I know a lot of you are navy, federal members or, if you’ve heard other advice or tips somewhere else. Please share it down in the comments, because I really do appreciate when you Guys are down there helping each other out about NFCU Credit Card Approved.

2. Apply for NFCU Loans

So the second point we’ll get into here as far as tips. Now, if you want, you can do some stuff um when it comes to say you apply for a loan car loan personal loan. Most people are probably not going to be getting a mortgage, especially if you’re new, with navy federal but loans in general, and Particularly the pledge loan.

Okay, because the pledge loan is your own money, maybe money from your online business or other. there’s plenty of research or plenty of posts here on youtube. You can find or just research online about the pledge loan, because you’re basically loaning money to yourself and i’ve talked about this before in other posts. The common thing that people are doing is they’ll.

You know take out a loan for, like you know, say it’s six months or something Like that: a pledge loan of 250 bucks they’ll put the $250 dollars in there because it’s your own money, remember it’s secured because it’s secured by your money so and they’ll. You know pay off $225 like right away and then they’ll just set up auto payment uh for the rest of the time for the next. You know, five six months to the loan is completely paid off.

They pay close to nothing in interest because there’s hardly any money in there after They pay off that huge amount in the beginning. So it’s just a way to get um. You know to get to show more on your credit report.

You have a thin credit profile. It’s another way that you can show you’re being responsible with money, because it’s your own cash you’re lending to yourself now, on-time payments are huge to navy federal. Okay, just like you, don’t want to overdraw any of your accounts and show you’re being irresponsible with money.

You want to Make sure you’re making your payments on time. That is a big deal to them again, just because it shows you’re being responsible and if you show them irresponsible with a small amount of money, then hey they’re, probably going to be more likely to think that you can be responsible with a larger amount of money And if you have concerns that you can set up autopay, you can set up autopay that way just comes out. It just gets paid every single month Automatically.

You don’t have to think about. You can set it and forget it if you have any concerns with that.

3.Using NFCU Pre-qualification Tool

Third thing: we’re going to talk about here is using the pre-qualification tool on their website, so they do have a pre-qualification tool.

If you just type navy federal credit union, you know pre-qualification tool or navy federal. You know credit card prequal. Anything like that.

The website’s bound to come up and you’re going to go on their website. You do have to be a member already. So if you’re already a member and you’re, you know thinking about applying for your first credit card and you’re a little hesitant that you may not NFCU Credit Card Approved for it, for whatever reason you do have to be a member you’re going to log in you’re going to Do go through the pre-qualification process, you’re going to have to confirm your date of birth, you’re going to have to confirm your address basic stuff like that they Do ask if you’re an active duty service member.

So if you’re, you know civilian you’re, just going to say hey that you’re not! But if you are active duty, you’re going to tell them that you are and then the next part is they’re going to ask for your total annual income. Now this is stated all right: they don’t ask for documentation. They don’t ask for any kind of proof that you don’t you know, have to send in any.

You know physical documents, a Picture of any tax returns. Anything like that they’re just asking for your income, so you’re going to state it. When you fill out the pre-qualification.

When you go through that process of doing the pre-qualification tool, they are going to ask for your monthly housing expense. So whatever that is for you and they’re going to ask if you rent or if you have a mortgage, so are you renting or are you you know you have a mortgage because you Bought a property you own it.

and you know that’s your monthly housing, expense And then the last part, when it comes that pre-qualification tool on the website, you’re going to click that little box. Next to this sentence that I took this right off the website that says, I authorize navy federal to obtain a consumer credit report to determine if i’m eligible for NFCU Credit Card Approved a credit card offer.

I understand that this pre-qualification form is not A credit card application and will not impact my credit score. So the last part is the most important there that last sentence where they say that this is not the actual application. So it’s not a actual application for a card and therefore it’s not going to affect your credit score because it’s going to be a soft inquiry, it’s not a hard inquiry, it’s not a hard pool, so this is a way for you again to get NFCU Credit Card Approved.

If you’re uncertain, you can check see what you’ll pre-qualify For whether all you pre-qualify for is just the secured card or whether you pre-qualify for a couple other unsecured cards, or maybe you pre-qualify for all six of the credit cards that they have but either way it’s Just going to be a soft inquiry, so it’s really not going to hurt your credit score at all. Now, back to that, favor did. I forget anything, any tips, any advice that you guys would think for you know helping someone NFCU Credit Card Approved With navy federal.

Like I said, I do appreciate you guys helping each other out in the comment section um I like seeing you know the advice going back and forth. I like seeing people saying hey. I tried this.

This worked for me or hey. I tried this. This didn’t work or whatever the case is because there’s always information flying around and you know, policies can change.

Procedures can change at credit unions and banks and financial institutions at any time. So It’s great when you guys are down there sharing and telling each other hey. I tried this and this worked great for me because it helps a lot of other people who never were taught any financial.

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