JEEVES Fintech Business Credit Card Review

In today’s post we’re going to be going over a brand new fintech business called Jeeves Fintech, corporate card and that I actually just came across. So let’s get right into it before I do.

If you could, please hit that subscribe button, if you’re not already a subscriber , really helps the channel grow and get out to a water wider audience. So, let’s get over to the website. I actually came across this by accident and you know there’s several.

Jeeves Fintech Startup Companies

These fintech startup companies, you know emerging like debbie, clearcard and brax and many others, and i’m always searching google for new ones coming up and This one came up and I thought it was outside the us, but they actually are now in the us market. So, let’s just go over to their website here, as you can see here, it’s called jeeves. Hopefully i’m pronouncing that right meet jeeves uh, the corporate card tailored for as it says here, brazilian canadian uk startups global startups and american startups.

Jeeves Fintech

So at first I didn’t think it Was, for you know, u. s companies, but it is, as you can see here, it says, pay for anything anywhere in your local currency. No fees, no entrance, no personal guarantees, mobile first built with your team in mind, so they’re, backed by silicon valley bank, which i’m going to be doing a review on Silicon valley bank here soon, because they also have a card as well.

That I wanted to talk about as well: and they’re part of the backed by conveyor computer. I can’t talk today, sorry and, as it says here, that they have a global expense management solution. Banking made For global startups coordinating payments between your global team has never been an easy task until now, so they’ve created, like all in one solution, no hassle sign up quick approvals.

High spend limits. It says they are currently in mexico, colombia, canada, chile, united kingdom, europe and usa – there’s not a whole lot of information on their site. So you know, I don’t know The data points, a hundred percent yet I did fill the application and hopefully next week I can speak to somebody over at jeeves and find out more data points for you guys so stay tuned for that.

So it says like right here you spend anywhere with jeeves. You can run both credit card and non card payments directly within the blazing fast mobile, app their founder friendly, And they got protection. Of course, security shows a little screenshot of their app.

Jeeves Cashback

You earn up to four percent cash back when you spend so what that is. I don’t know because they don’t give you more information, but up to four percent sounds pretty good and let’s see here so what you’re gon na do is fill out. This little form here, like I said, there’s not a whole lot of Information but, like I said it’s you’re gon na felt the form they have like just join jeeves you’re gon na fill this form out select your country of obviously it’s gon na, be us And then hit sign up and then it’s gon na go to a second page.

That’s gon na ask you a little bit more information about your business. It’s not a full application. It seems Like it’s like a waiting list kind of like they’re, not really a waiting list but they’ll take on.

You know the full application once they reach out to you, i’m assuming . So you know you can just check out their website i’ll. Have the just link in the description below it says the jeeves mastercard is issued By metabank, so it’s like this similar to some of the other cards out there.

So that’s nice to see and like I said it looks like they’re completely new and their card looks pretty cool. I wish I had more details to give you. I don’t, but I just want to get this information out to you guys, because I think they just started launching in the us So like I said I would suggest you sign up or you can wait until I get more data points next week.

Hopefully, but like I said it’s just going to ask you for your first name last name: work, email, your phone number and your country, and then it’s going to ask you how much you spend like on a week monthly basis on corporate spending. I think was one of the questions And . I think that was about it.

It was a few other minor questions like I said it wasn’t a full application . So I think they send that to you later once they reach out to you, but it says they give high limits and it’s no personal guarantee. So it’s a you, know: business corporate credit card approved, it’s probably somewhere like debbie, where you Have to pay it back in 30 days or something.

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