Best Onlyfans Account – The 10 Highest Earners on OnlyFans

Out of all the global media platforms in the world. There is one such platform that has been consistently on the rise and that platform is onlyfans with the ability to keep your content private to the entire world.

best onlyfans account

Except for those who are willing to pay a monthly subscription, onlyfans has turned out to be a great way to create an intimate fan base and earn some good money. Today’s my post we’ll be going over the top 10 only fans earners and Best Onlyfans Account you must follow in the world.

10. Jem wolfie – Best Onlyfans Account

Best Onlyfans Account - Jem Wolfie
Best Onlyfans Accounts – Jem Wolfie

Jem wolfie is an australian model from perth and has gained limelight after she started her Onlyfans page with around 3 million followers make Best Onlyfans Account. She strongly kick-starts our list. She is a remarkable woman.

Jem has actively worked on being in shape and the picture she uploads on her onlyfans is what has driven most of her audience. She also regularly shares swimsuit images on instagram to gain sponsorships. She is a terrific chef as well as a model.

She is also a fitness enthusiast who has made a name for herself as a businesswoman. Jem is also a former Basketball player, so the introduction isn’t complete. Yet now, while her exact earnings aren’t known yet with her five dollar monthly subscription free, it is predicted to be somewhere around nine hundred thousand dollars a month .

9. Megan Barton Hanson

Megan barton hanson
Megan barton hanson

Megan barton hanson was a love island islander in season four of the relaunch series. Megan arrived in the villa on day, eight and finished 4th with wes nelson on day 59 , just like jem.

She too has gained Most of her fan base from uploading pictures where she shows her body. This has caused her to have approximately 1. 7 million fans on only fans from whom she charges a $24.99 monthly fee. This has caused Megan Barton to have monthly earnings of 1.07 million dollars.

Wow, an article suggested that if the world’s most famous model naomi campbell at her prime was modeling today, she too would not be able to match these earnings unless she, too had an onlyfans, in which case she Would probably out earn everyone on this Best Onlyfans Account .

8. Safaree Samuels

 Safaree Samuels onlyfans
Safaree Samuels onlyfans

Safaree samuels is an american musician. Singer songwriter and radio personality safari is best known as one of the cast members on the vh1 reality show, love and hip hop.

The play was his golden ticket to hollywood, as it helped him establish her reputation. He is also a musician as well as an actor. He appeared in the film’s independent lens in 1999, king of New work 2 in 2018 and series caught in 2017.

With a height of 6’1 inches and a great physique. He too decided to take his talents to onlyfans where he decided to take a $19.99 monthly fee and now Safaree reportedly earns 1.9 million dollars every month.

7. Pia Mia

Pia Mia Onlyfans
Pia Mia Onlyfans

Pia Mia, is a well-known actress and singer other than her onlyfans. her hit singles Do it again and hot have made her a famous personality among the youth. She is also Known for eps the gift and the gift too, as well as her youtube covers, which helped her gain notoriety. She also released music on the cherry pie, records label.

This young lady from guam is stunning, since the release of her first single she is a large male fan base and has become a style model for young. Ladies, her voice, texture is little but powerful and it adds sparkle and vibrancy to her songs, she’s. Also, a talented dancer who incorporates a few Dances into her music videos.

She is grateful to be where she is and credits her good fortune. She wants to help small city females to develop in cities, like los angeles. She charges a mere 10 dollars per month, but Pia Mia earns a whopping $2.22 million dollars with it.

6. Erica mena

Erica Mena Onlyfans
Erica Mena Onlyfans

Erica mena works as a model, a video vixen and a vocalist in the city. She was born in the bronx new york city to sonia mena, a puertorican mother and brian mina, a dominican father. She is a kid named king, javien, conde, with an ex-boyfriend raul khande.

He was a member of fat joe’s and remy ma’s terror squad. The reality show courtney and chloe. Take miami debuted in 2009, as a source of concern for dash employees was where she gained fame.

This openly bisexual model charges a comparatively higher fee of $35, but it’s all worth it since Erica Mena earns around $4.49 million dollars on a monthly basis.

5. Mia Khalifa

Mia Khalifa Onlyfans
Mia Khalifa Onlyfans

Khalifa was born in beirut, lebanon on february 10, 1993. She and her family migrated to the united states in 2001. khalifa studied english and french at a private french school in beirut. She attended massanutten military academy after arriving in america and then graduated from the university of texas in el paso.

Her family is catholic. Thus she was raised in that way. She says that her home was a home that is highly pious.

She Then went ahead to join the adult film industry, where she gained a lot of fame and was ranked as the number one adult film actress in the world by the public. She too, decided that onlyfans would be a great platform to earn money since she had retired from her previous career and she charges $11.99 per month from her fans. Mia khalifa earn a massive $6.49 million dollars every month. that’s why she is in number 5 on Best Onlyfans Account list.

4. Tyga

tyga onlyfans
tyga onlyfans

Best Onlyfans Account Number four is Tyga. Tyga michael ray nguyen stevenson is an american rapper, best known by his stage, alias tyga, which is a Background meaning thank you god always. tyga secured a recording contract with young money, entertainment, cash, money, records and republic records in 2008, after a series of independent albums.

in 2011 he debuted his major label debut careless world rise of the last king and has ever since released Multiple hit singles with famous personalities like lil wayne. He is one of only fan’s biggest earners. With a subscription fee of $20 Tyga net worth successfully earns around 7.7 million dollars every month.

3. Cardi B

Cardi B Onlyfans
Cardi B Onlyfans

Cardi B one of the world’s most famous rappers cardi b, who has released hit songs that have crossed hundreds of millions of views and streams like and bodak. Yellow is also an active, onlyfans member.

She was Constantly uploading her life updates on instagram, but then realized that onlyfans is a much more lucrative platform. As with her fame, she could easily earn a higher amount than she could with instagram paid partnerships.

She has been very vocal about her love for money and with the background of hers, where she started off as an exotic dancer and lived a very mediocre life. it does make sense that she loves to chase the bank. Her onlyfan’s fee is the lowest on the List only $4.99, but that makes her more money per month than most people do in their entire life.That Cardi B net worth is 9.43 million dollars per month.

2. Bella thorne

 Bella thorne onlyfans
Bella thorne onlyfans

Bella thorne the innocent little bella, thorne that we all had seen in movies like blended. has now grown out of that personality and has become a star on onlyfans in her first 24 hours of joining onlyfans she earned Over a million dollars. now that’s what we call Shocking, often caught up in controversies and arrests.

Bella is very confident of her public image and keeps living the lifestyle that has got her in controversial situations In the past. Her onlyfans fee per month is at $9.99, but the earnings stand at a mind-blowing. Bella thorne net worth is 11 million dollars per month, which makes her comfortably cross. The 100 million dollar mark on an annual basis. make her in number 2 of Best Onlyfans Account.

1. Blac Chyna

Blac Chyna onlyfans
Blac Chyna Best Onlyfans Account

Angela renee white also known as blac chyna, is a model Actor and business woman and is the highest earner in the world of onlyfans. She began stripping shortly after starting college, primarily to pay for her school fees.

She eventually relocated to miami, where she resumed her stripping business while still attending courses. Even during her studies, blac chyna became too exhausted to stay up. between a rock and a hard place. The young university student found herself.

if she quit stripping. she wouldn’t be able to Pay her school fees. If she proceeded to strip, she would almost surely flunk the class because her lectures were still making her sleep. The only option in blac chyna’s opinion was to drop out and focus on stripping and boy did that make her career.

Currently she charges $20 per month from her fans and makes 100 000 times that amount at a mind-blowing, Blac chyna net worth is $20 million dollars per month.

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